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June 3, 2013
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Alois’ point of view:

I sat on the large red couch waiting for my stupid butler to finish tying my shoe. I let out a disapproving sigh, due to the fact that I wanted to go shopping before the stores closed.


“…yes, my young master?..”

Claude glared at me through his glasses, now that I think of it he also gave an annoyed response


“I do apologize my lord but it is quite hard to tie ones shoe while they are moving around”


“Yes my lord..”

~Meanwhile in the Phantumhive manor~

“Come now my young master we have much work to be doing about this “jack the ripper” case, and do you wish for me to bring you a spare coat?”

“Yes Sebastian I’m coming, and No, there will be no need for one, we will just be taking a look at the crime scene then heading back home”

“As you wish my lord..”

~Readers point of view~

I was quickly hurrying down the street, carrying multiple papers of the crime scene for the chief of police, he had requested it immediately. My long [H/C] hair flowed in the wind as I ran supper fast. My godly necklaces were making quite the ruckus, yet it was quite hard to run in a small [F/C] strapless kimono that reached mid thigh and had a slit that almost hit my hip perfectly to show off the rest of my lean well structured figure. In a matter of seconds I ran into something tall and firm, my papers then flew everywhere and then there was a yell of
“s-ssorry..sir… it won’t happen again”

I let out a sigh, but I then felt a presence, there was two white gloved hands helping me pick up my papers, and yet another pair of hands but this time smaller, almost like hands that belonged to a child.
“I am quite sorry for the way that, that man had spoke to you, please allow me and my butler Sebastian help you with your papers”
“u-uh… t-tthaank y-y-you v-very much! B-but the mess was caused by me, so please let me tidy up, they are also quite confidential, I do apologize”
“That is quite alright, and might I ask you young lady? Would you by any chance know where the chief of police is?”
“h-huh!? B-buht you are just a young boy!! You might not be here for the crime scene would you!?!”
“Pardon me, but I am not a young boy! I am merely the Queens guard dog!, NOW! Please escort me to the crime scene!! And that’s an order!!’
“u-uh yes!.. As you wish!”

It was quite an awkward silence; I was ahead of the two, holding all the papers which by the way weren’t in order. I had then stopped knowing that I would then bump into the tall man in front of me; he was also dressed to be a butler, but had more of a westerner feel, he had the most attractive golden eyes, which were hidden by small rectangular glasses.

~Sebastian’s point of view~

My, my, wasn’t this human woman quite gorgeous!! Even her soul was as pure as her looks! I wish to get to know her more. Maybe later after my young master I could make a deal with this one.  

I had strode by my young master watching the beautiful sways of the young girls hips move as she gracefully strode in front, the supple looking rear of hers was hidden by the beautiful [F/C] kimono, yet it was quite tight showing off every curve.

My mind was going crazy! A complex demon like myself couldn’t be falling for just a mere  human being like herself! ….NO!... it was just the smell of her soul!!...YES!!..THAT WAS IT!!!...... I think….

I then saw him, the ratchet demon butler of the Trancy manor; he was eyeing every inch of the young ladies body that I had just recently fallen for. I gave him a glare, but alas all he did was give his smug grin that I utterly hated, it was something I wanted to rip off with my bare hands and shove down his throat!  

My master then started to have a conversation with the little brat known as Alois, I took this chance to finally get to know this young lady before Claude had a chance to.

“I do apologize but I haven’t formally introduced my self, the name is Sebastian Michaelis, the butler of young master, Ciel Phantumhive. It is not every day that I am able to meet such a beautiful young lady such as yourself”

“o-oh well… thank you Sebastian… my names [Y/N] [L/N], it is a pleasure to meet you.”

She then gave a small curtsy, I then noticed Claude making his way closer to [Y/N],

“my, my Claude, fancy seeing you here.”

Claude then scoffed at me as he then turned his attention to [Y/N],

~ Claude’s point of view~

I have never laid my eyes on such a beautiful human being before, there was something about her that drove me crazy, her smell, her looks, and the look of pure innocence was something that I would cherish for my life time. I looked over every inch and curve of her gorgeous body, from her neck to her collar bone to the two perfect mounds that gracefully rested on her chest. I noticed how Sebastian had glared at me, was it that this very butler had fallen for her too? What demon wouldn’t!? she was pure as snow, something every demon would kill for.

“ yes, well my young master had decided to go shopping and I had to join him, I don’t believe we have met young lady, my name is Claude Faustus, butler of the Trancy manor”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Claude…”
She gave me a sweet smile,

~both Claude and Sebastian’s point of view~

*I do hope my master will consider [Y/N] as a new maid in his manor *

The End
ello ppl ^3^ imm ganna make this like a mini series kinda thing where u can chose who u wanna go with >3< i dont own anything except the plot and i just wanna say that you to ~RoseEmma1 for the help on the idea stuff ^3^ i really do hope u like so far >3<


Intro: you are here~1
Claude: working on
Sebastia part 1:…
Claude Lemon:working on
Sebastian Lemon:working on
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